Central North Islands Areas Schools - Dunedin

On the 12th-14th of April, We had 18 students attend the CNIAS Coaching Clinic and Trial for the sport of their choice.

These students represented the kura positively on and off the field with lots of leadership shown. Every single one of them are so talented, well presented and just overall amazing. We are so proud of each and everyone one of our students and their efforts.

They never gave up and pushed themselves right through to the end.

11 of our students have qualified for the CNIA Team and will fly to Dunedin from the 17th - 21st of July to represent our kura.

A huge congratulations to: Ki-O-Rahi Ziah Senior- Captain (The youngest captain to go)

Terea Kaitai Brayden Paki Netball A Kjahn Senior – Captain Netball B Miriama Kaitai Volleyball Terea Kaitai Rugby Tangaroa Maniapoto – Co-Captain Arryn-Gene Haumaha - Co-Captain Ziah Senior Kimai Hireme – Kaitataki Tane Carlos Collis-Waretini Kaleb Snowden Golf Mychail Harris Hill

(Left to Right: Matua Chase: Rugby Coach, Ziah Senior: Ki-o-Rahi Captain, Kjahn Senior: Netball Captain, Arryn-Gene Haumaha and Tangaroa Maniapoto: Co- captains Rugby, Whaea Hemaima: Netball Coach)