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School Culture

Meet the Prefects

We aim to provide cultural and spiritual programmes that meet the needs of our students and community, leading to improved cultural outcomes and positive kapa haka opportunities.

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka


Te Wharekura O Te Kaokaoroa O Pātetere believe in exposing our students to high quality kapa haka throughout all year levels. Māori Performing Arts is built in to the curriculum at kura and senior students can gain credits towards NCEA for participating in kapa haka. 

Performance groups

Many of our students and whānau are passionate about kapa haka. We are dedicated to creating and tutoring competition standard kapa haka programmes. We believe everybody should be able to stand and perform at any level they strive for. 


We have three competition teams; Wharekura Y9-13, Kura Waenga Y6-8) and Kura Teina Y1-4 as well as various ngahau groups. Competition groups compete at the Tainui waka secondary school competition,  Tainui waka primary school competition and the Hauraki festival. Ngahau groups perform at South Waikato cultural festival, kura events and many other events around the rohe.

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Kura Waenga Kaiako:
Whaea Samantha Waitai-Terekia
Whaea Te Amohaere Jefferies
Whaea Wairuaiti Tumai
Whaea Patricia Hancy
Matua Caleb Peke


Wharekura Kaiako:
Matua Aaron Koopu
Matua Khaysharn Kingi-Takoko
Whaea Tania Green

Matua Pourahi Rangikataua

Matua Hamiora Renata

Whaea Ahumai Kingi

Whaea Allison Brailey

Whaea Puahaere Vaka
Matua Emerson Rikiriki

Recent Honours
2023 Tainui Waka Secondary Schools Kapa Haka
2nd-  Kaitataki Wahine
1st- Kakahu
1st- Whakaeke
1st- Waiata-a-ringa

1st- Poi
2nd- Haka
1st - Whakawatea
2nd- Overall (Qualifies for National 2024)
2021 Tainui Waka Secondary Schools Kapa Haka
1st- Kaitataki Tane, Kaitataki Wahine
1st- Kakahu
1st- Whakaeke
1st- Waiata-a-ringa
2nd- Haka
1st- Poi
1st - Whakawatea
1st- Mita o te Reo
1st- Overall (Qualifies for National 2022)

2020 Tainui Waka Primary Schools Kapa Haka 

Kura Teina - 7th Overall

3rd Kaitataki Kotiro

Kura Waenga - 5th Overall 

1st equal Kakahu, 3rd Whakawātea, 2nd Whakaeke

2019 Tainui Waka Secondary Schools Kapa Haka 

Wharekura - 4th Overall (Qualifies for Nationals 2020) 

3rd Poi, 1st Haka, 1st Whakawātea, 3rd Mōteatea, 2nd Whakaeke


Kapa Haka Photo Kura Waenga 2022.png





Manu Kōrero

Manu Kōrero

Every year students prepare and deliver speeches at school, whether it's in class, for NCEA credits or to try and qualify for the regional competition. Public speaking is an essential life skill and in recent years participation in Manu Kōrero has been at almost 100%. 

Students prepare and deliver speeches in class and later a formal Manu Kōrero event is held to showcase the best orators in the school and decide who will go on to represent our school at the regional competition. 

Manu Kōrero a-Kura 2023 winners:


Tau 1 -    Kaharau Hati  
Tau 2 -    Hatarei Patterson-Te Maro
Tau 3 -    Unique Afioga 

Tau 4 -    Punangaia Tumai


Taumata 1 -  
Taumata 2 -  
Taumata 3 - 
Taumata 4 - 
Taumata 5 - 



Junior Māori -     Rauhuia Tepana
Senior Māori -     Tuhuriwai Kingi 

Junior English  - Mahinaarangi Te Hiko
Senior English -  Waiatara Crown-Borell


Recent Honours
2023 Tainui Manu Kōrero participants
Mahinaarangi Te Hiko 2nd Place - Junior English
Rauhuia Tepana - 2nd Place - Junior Māori
Waiatara Crown-Borell - Senior English
Tuhuriwai Kingi - Senior Māori
2022 Tainui Manu Kōrero participants
Mahinaarangi Te Hiko - 1st Place - Junior English
(National Qualifier)
Tuhuriwai Kingi - 3rd Place - Junior Māori
Waiatara Crown-Borell - 1st Place Impromptu- Senior English
Kimai Hireme - 3rd Place - Senior Māori
2021 Tainui Manu Kōrero participants
Kjahn Senior - 2nd Place Impromptu
Kimai Hireme
- 1st Place Impromptu, 1st Place best prepared speech, 1st Place overall (National Qualifier)
Waiatara Crown-Borell - 1st Junior English (National Qualifier)
Arihia Pōmare - 1st Junior Māori (National Qualifier)
TWOTKKP - Best Overall Kura

IMG_9260 2.JPG
Te Whakataetae-a-whare
_DSC0350 2
20211118_125217 (1)

Te Whakataetae-a-whare

The kura has established a house competition to foster team spirit and friendly competition between students. The four Whare (houses) are;

  • Mahitahi 

  • Manaaki 

  • Tautoko

  • Pono

All students are placed in to a Whare when they enrol and will remain in that Whare for the remainder of their schooling. Senior students can also apply and be nominated for the honour of Kaitiaki Whare (House Leader). 

Whare compete in 7 different events throughout the year for the Hawkins House Trophy (donated by Hawkins construction Ltd. who built the new kura). A brief description of the events follow.  

Manu kōrero, Swimming, Cross country & Athletics competitions: Incorporating the house competition with these school events encourages participation and friendly competition in an energetic and supportive environment. House points are gained for participation and placings. 


Cooking: This takes form as the annual Kura KaiFest which sees students put their abilities in the kitchen or garden to the test. Many different food & entertainment stalls are set up to provide a great day for the kura whanau and community. 


Music & Art: These competitions take the form of the annual Kura Arts & Cultural day. All students submit an artwork for display, and musical performances will take place throughout the day. There is also a special guest, last year we had a tā moko artist come in.



We aim to develop a localised curriculum that is inclusive of our designated character.

We are dedicated to promoting and developing social and cultural environments, and economic advancement of its people within its tribal region. This may include the attendance of students and/or staff at days of significance to our designated character e.g. Poukai, Koroneihana, Matatini, Raukawa history, Tangihana, Trust board activities, Te Reo celebrations including Manu Kōrero, openings, dedications etc. 

Ngā Kōrero Pūrākau (Click the headings to see the stories of our kura)

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