Our Campus

Our Campus


Te Ao Mārama

Our classroom block was opened on July 21st 2014. Te Ao Mārama consists of twelve teaching spaces, a specialist Art Suite and Science Laboratory. 


Built along the new Ministry of Education guidelines for Modern Learning Environments, the teaching block has multi-level furniture and breakout spaces. 


Each teaching space is set up with its own technology for learning. We have fibre internet connected throughout the school and have moved away from a 'computer lab' to a set of school iPad's, Laptops and Chromebooks which all tamariki use.


Silveira Sports Centre

Opened on May 19 2014, the Silveira Sports Centre has a full size court, fitness centre and two large change rooms with showers. 


The courts can be manipulated for different sports and includes an electronic score board.


The  fitness centre is fully equipped with weight machines, treadmills, rowers, cycles & crossfit equipment. The senior and elite sport students make use of this area. 


Kōtukutuku O Kaimai

Our Wharehui and Administration Block was opened on September 13th 2010 and now holds the beautiful carvings that tell the story of our kura and rohe. Te Kotukutuku o Kaimai has five offices, a staffroom, workroom, sickbays and the wharehui where senior classes take place. 



Our very own wharekai/dining room opened on January 31st 2014. The wharekai can seat up to 100 people, with space for outdoor dining during the kiwi summer. The kitchen is fully equipped with modern appliances making it possible for our dining room team to cater for over 400 meals a day; breakfast, and lunch for over 200 students, every single day of the school year. 



In 2016 we built our playground consisting of slides, climbing walls, nets, ladders, bridges, bars, towers and much more to help develop our younger students motor skills and provide them with heaps of fun during break time.


Our fully fenced court has been laid with TigerTurf. The court lines are set up for Tennis, Netball and a spectators area.