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Meet the Prefects

Te Wharekura O Te Kaokaoroa O Pātetere is dedicated to creating healthy, active tamaiti, and maximising student sporting success, enjoyment & achievement.


We aim to provide positive hauora programmes that meet the needs of our students & community, leading to improved health outcomes and positive sporting opportunities.


Our sport programmes​

Physical education in class

Physical Education is centered around enhancing student hauora in alignment with the curriculum. The sports programme works as a scaffolding network where students are provided with the foundations of fine and gross motors skills, building effective relationships with self and others, team work, hauora and levels of related fitness. Throughout kura the senior students are able to gain credits towards NCEA for participating in sports while critically comparing and contrasting personal experiences with the New Zealand Curriculum. Throughout schooling life opportunities are provided that further enhance learning through a Māori world view.  

Elite Sport - Hiringa

Students who ​show exceptional talent and dedication in a sporting field may be selected for the Elite sport programme. This programme will see them receive specialist training and support in order see them reach their full potential. Individual programmes are designed specifically to the individuals needs. 


Our Hakafit programme is a specific training programme aimed directly at our senior students Year 9-13. Hakafit involves a 1 hour training session, three mornings a week and consists of workout programmes that are based on māori weaponry, cardio & crossfit and are run by our specialist teachers. Students absolutely love the programme and it is always a huge success.  


Sports​ teams

Te Wharekura O Te Kaokaoroa O Pātetere believe in exposing our students to high quality sports. Below is a list of our competitive sports (a variety of other sports are covered as part of the physical education curriculum).

Adventure Sports
Cross Country
Rippa Rugby
Rugby League
Rugby League 7's
Recent Honours
CNIAS 2023 - Christchurch Results 
NZ Barbarians - Ziah Senior
NZ Kī-o-Rahi - Ziah Senior, Ania Hemmes
Central North Islands Area Schools (CNIAS) 2023
Kī-O-RahiZiah Senior, Ania Hemmes, Charm Taylor, Ky-Mani Matchitt
Rugby - Ziah Senior, Sam Tumai-Te Pou, Charm Taylor
   Central North Islands Area Schools (CNIAS) 2022
Kī-O-RahiZiah Senior, Harmony Tawhi-Amopiu, Kaleb Snowden
NetballAlysha Richardson, Miriama Smallman
Rugby - Kimai Hireme, Ziah Senior, Kaleb Snowden
Volleyball - Te Kauwhata Tamihana-Matthews
CNIAS 2021- Dunedin Results
NZ Barbarians - Arryn-Gene Haumaha
NZ Netball - Kjahn Senior
NZ Golf - Mychail Harris-Hill
NZ Kī-o-Rahi - Ziah Senior, Brayden Paki

King Country Swimming Participants
Caleb Marsh-Wilkinson, Kjahn Senior, Waiatara Crown-Borell, Alysha Richardson, Kaleb Snowden, Tainui Thompson


King Country Athletics 
Rawiri Te Hiko - 1st Shotput, 3rd 100m Sprints
Ziah Senior - 2nd 200m Sprints, 2nd High Jump, 3rd Long Jump
Kjahn Senior - 1st High Jump

Terea Kaitai - 1st High Jump, 1st Long Jump
Ky-Mani Matchitt - 1st Long Jump
Arryn-Gene Haumaha - 1st Place Discus
Leigha Atutahi - 2nd Shotput
Whetu Tai-Rakena - 2nd Shotput
Kimai Hireme - 2nd Shotput
Junior Boys Relay - 2nd Place
Senior Boys Relay - 2nd Place



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Throughout the year we have the mobile dental unit, immunisations, and the hearing & vision checks that take place at school. On top of this we are very fortunate to have professional medical staff available at kura. We have a doctor, a nurse and a social worker who work out of the administration building. 

Dr. Frances Robbins

Doctor - Pinnacle Health

Tuesday morning 8:30 am - 10:30 am

Kris Holmes

Registered Nurse - Pinnacle Health

Tuesday & Thursday 9am - 2.30pm

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As part of our dedication to quality education for all tamariki, here at kura we provide breakfast and lunch meals five days a week in our Wharekai.


Students are exposed to a wide range of fruits and vegetables to encourage healthy eating habits. The way the wharekai is run empowers students to make healthy choices by themselves, while ensuring they are not going hungry in class!

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