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Kura Waenga ki Te Mana Kuratahi

A demonstration of remarkable potential and a display of pure pride.  An authentic demonstration of strength, perseverance, determination, and courage by all our kaihaka. Our tamariki exemplified mana and willingly embraced the challenge to push their boundaries in what we consider the pinnacle of Kapa Haka.

Our children truly deserve recognition for their remarkable performance last week. The experiences, teachings, and learning that unfolded throughout this journey will hopefully be cherished, lifelong memories. This reinforces the notion that untapped potential is always there, ready to burst forth when given the opportunity.

The success of our campaign is attributed to the collective effort and support from everyone involved. Regardless of the scale of your contribution, each and every effort has played a vital role in bringing us to our current position, and we are eternally

appreciative. The numerous individuals who played crucial roles include our tutors, kaitito, teaching staff, parent/whānau helpers, businesses, cooks, and many others.

When we contemplate all our Māori initiatives that champion excellence, this event is undeniably one of the most highly anticipated. We are committed to advancing these kaupapa while also striking a balance with other important cultural events such as Manu Kōrero, Pūtake o te Riri, Poukai, and Kura Reo. As we persist in enhancing our

capabilities and enabling our students to excel in these areas, we are equally dedicated to maintaining a harmonious environment where our tamariki feel valued, respected, and secure within the Kura Waenga whānau.

Our message to all our kura whānau is to remain actively engaged, continue sharing the values and priorities that hold significance for us as Māori, and contribute in any way you can. The solutions are not solely the responsibility of the kaiako or the kura, instead, they reside within all of us.

Preparations for Regionals will commence next year!


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