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National Turbo Touch Championship 2024

This year the kura were fortunate enough to qualify and attend the 2024 Turbo Touch

Championship in Waitakere, Tamaki Makaurau. As a kura, this would only be our second year

involved in this tournament and the focus for the 2024 campaign was 2 parts.

1. Matauranga - Tauira had the opportunity to be assessed against Achievement Standards

90964, 91330, and 91501

2. Hakinakina - Provide an opportunity for tauira to participate in national sporting events.

This year has seen our Ohu participate in a lot of kaupapa, which impacted on player selection,

as we only had 70 students to select from. However, the tauira that were selected to play were of

high caliber. So heading into this event the team were a bit appreciative but also excited for the

challenge ahead.

On the day of the tournament, the team departed from Kura at 5.30am and headed up to

Waitakere. Despite being one of the newest schools to this sport, we knew we had transferable

skills, from the other sports we are involved in, and the fitness to be competitive.

The day started with our first game against one of the top schools in this sport, Tokoroa High

School. We started strong but their experience and skill saw us come away 6 - 3 to Tokoroa high

School. However, the learnings from this game would be pivotal for us as it showed us the

standard we needed to be at. So in the next 3 round robin games the team built off the back of

the loss, gaining 3 strong wins. As a result this seeded us second in our pool and we would meet

Kaipara College in the crossover semi final. Kaipara finished first in their pool and are also a very

strong school in this sport. The game was definitely one of the toughest games we played in the

tournament, but our team was able to grind out a win and book a place in the grand final, against

Tokoroa High School.

Overall, we demonstrated exceptional teamwork and determination, securing Te Wharekura o te

Kaokaoroa o Patetere first national sporting championship. It was a stellar performance by our

tauira as they put all their learnings into the final game and walked away with a 6 - 1 win.

This historic win reflects the dedication and talent that our tauira have. We are immensely proud

of their accomplishments and their embodiment of the sport's values, both in competition and in

their conduct outside the game. The success of Te Wharekura o Te Kaokaoroa o Patetere in the

Turbo Touch Championship has set a benchmark for future generations and hopefully inspires

them to embrace new challenges and strive for excellence.

A huge congratulations to our tauira, kaiako and whanau who participated in this event. We

eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued growth and accomplishments of these exceptional

young athletes in the years to come.



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