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Hello. I want to tell you about a very interesting game Starburst is the spaceship of your luck in online casinos. These are the feelings that the classic Starburst slot from NetEnt will give you. This game for money, presented in most online casinos, will allow you to enjoy the excitement and win a truly cosmic jackpot. At the heart of the game, the developers laid the idea of ​​​​traveling in space in search of starbursts. Everything is subordinated to the idea that the player should feel like a pilot of a ship in the game - from relaxing music to controls. The Starburst playing field is a porthole of a spaceship. In the lower left corner, the silhouette of the Earth is clearly visible, which, as it were, hints that while we are in Earth's orbit. Stylistically, the machine is made quite simply. Partly reminiscent of the first generation of slot machines, Starburst leaves a feeling comparable to watching the opening screensavers of the famous Star Wars. The design of winning combinations deserves special attention. It will be impossible not to notice them in Starburst. When a Combo, Super Combo or Mega Combo falls out, the corresponding inscriptions appear in the playing field, and the screen itself is filled with a cosmic glow. Unlike most modern slots with many different combinations and often not the most understandable logic of their formation, Starburst is simple. This is good. Wild symbols in Starburst fall out with enviable regularity, which means that the chances of a serious win increase significantly.



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